Proprieties of nylon fabric specially coated with 99.9% pure silver

It has been scientifically demonstrated that the fabric coated with pure silver in a homogeneous manner on the entire textile makes it possible to obtain the ANTIMICROBIAL effects;


sought and neutralizes various pathogens: viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The DOUBLE ACTION of the Dermagate™ silver ion barrier mask

The transmission of infectious viral particles is inhibited in 2 ways by this unique mask:

Physical Barrier

The mask creates a physical barrier between the user’s mouth and nose, protecting against the biological pathogens in the immediate environment.

Chemical Barrier

The silver ions in the fabric of the Dermagate™ mask act to effectively neutralize germs in contact with the silver ion.

Amplified Activation

The activity of the silver ions is continuous. The humidity from the user’s breath further enhances the activity of the silver ions and the antimicrobial properties of the mask.


Scientific studies demonstrate that nylon textile completely coated with pure silver can achieve antimicrobial impact and neutralize biological agents including viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Reduced risks

The parts of the face on which the mask rests are exposed to Ag + ions, reducing the risk of spreading by contact with the hands.

100 washes

Dermagate™ textiles have been tested for more than 100 washes without reduction in thermal conductivity effectiveness or disruption to the antimicrobial properties that protect the product.

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