Dermagate™ Silver Ion Barrier Face Mask


  • Made of nylon fabric specially coated with 99.9% pure silver
    retains antimicrobial properties for up to 100 washes
  • Patent pending: extension of the current patent.

The strength of Ag+ ions

When wearing the Dermagate™ face mask, the body fluids of the person wearing it remain trapped in the mask and produce a moist environment which activates the antimicrobial properties of the mask. Moisture is essential to allow the Ag + ions to be released from the pure silver embedded in the mask tissue and to attack microbes.

In the event that the person who wears it is infected, pathogens – viruses cannot remain infectious because they are neutralized by Ag + ions.
The mask then represents a barrier helping to reduce transmission.


In the event that the person is not infected, the Dermagate ™ mask blocks the contaminated fluids of infectious people who are in their immediate environment. Contaminated fluids that come into contact with the mask activate Ag + ions which neutralize biological contaminants thus reducing the risk of transmission.

In addition, the parts of the face on which the mask rests are exposed to Ag + ions, reducing the risk of spreading by contact with the hands.

All viruses can only reproduce in living cells. Viruses need to integrate into the genome of their host cells and use a special enzyme called Transcriptase Reverse which they have in their capsids.

Ag + ions prevent retrovirus viruses from remaining infectious by attacking, among other things, their envelopes and enzymes. They are then neutralized.
When worn, the Dermagate pure silver mask continuously releases Ag + ions to form an active barrier neutralizing pathogens in contact with the tissue from which it is made.

Continuously released Ag + ions neutralizing pathogens (such as viruses, bacteria and fungal agents) represent this unique feature that distinguishes the Dermagate ™ pure silver mask.


Care instructions

To maintain the integrity of the product, please handle with care.

It is recommended that this mask be washed at least once a day.

  • Wash the mask by hand under the tap with warm water, ideally from inside out;
  • Use a mild soap to wash off stains or oil from the skin;
  • Avoid strong detergents. Do not use products containing chlorine, bleach, vinegar-based cleaners or fabric softeners;
  • Silver ions will act as an antimicrobial agent and neutralize germs during the washing process;
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water;
  • The mask can be worn wet or you can let it air dry.
  • When the mask is clean and dry, store it in the plastic bag it came in.

Color changes are normal. They can be caused by oil in the skin or other substances such as moisturizer. When washing, the color of the water may also be slightly tinted due to the action of the silver with the skin oil or other substances.

Video - How to use