Gel sheet

The Gelskin gel sheet is designed to reduce the unwanted effects of scarring. Laminate of a fabric, it is more durable and wearing the pressure garment is facilitated. The adhesive effect is reactivated with a simple water wash and for several weeks. lt helps and promotes better healing. lt softens the skin and facilitates hydratation by creating an occlusive area around the scar and a Iso promotes micro massage of the scar.

Gel sheet (1mm and 3 mm)

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Scare Gel


Scarfix Gel gradually diminishes scars and improves the skin’s appearance. Applying Scarfix Gel makes the skin more elastic and scars more supple. This derma-repair gel helps smooth and soften scars while reducing redness and skin discoloration. Scarfix Gel has a synergistic effect from combining biotechnology with botanical extracts and trace minerais.

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6 months

2 weeks 

7 months