The product is available in several dimenssions

“Flexible and supple dressing and very soft to the touch made of textile impregnated with pure silver”


Impregnated with 99.9% Pure Silver

Fastsil EXU dressing
is used for :   

  • Skin graft
  • Site of the transplant donation
  • Laceration
  • Partial and complete wound
  • Wide range of flat wounds
  • Deep wound care
  • Deep burns and superficial burns
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Incision
  • Granulation zone

How does a silver dressing work?

In theory…

the silver dressing acts as follows: when the silver atoms in the tissue touch the walls of the wound, they turn into positive ions. These positive silver ions kill the bacteria, leaving the wound free of infection. At the same time, another phenomenon occurs: the silver ions modify the very process of healing.

In practice…

swelling is greatly reduced. And since bacteria are also absent from the wound, healing is faster. But that’s not all. Silver dressings have other merits, unsuspected until now, which affect the regeneration of skin cells themselves.

Volta Range Clothing
for Burnt People

For the hospital institutes

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