Alan Thompson’s work and technologies enable Dermagate to develop and manufacture a range of 99.9% pure silver and multi-layered wound care products that offer unrivalled wound healing properties. Products sold under the names Dermagate™, Fatsil, Topitex. These wound care products are approved by Health Canada.

The Dermagate line offers antimicrobial benefits, improves wound healing and does not interfere with the body’s natural healing processes. In addition, they significantly reduce the overall cost of wound care by helping to reduce the use of chemicals.

Alan Thompson

Director science Dermagate

Canadian citizen – Certified Manufacturing Engineer – Bacchelor Sciences Studies

Alan Thompson and his research partners conducted research and clinical studies in the 1980s specifically on the applications of silver for the care of various wounds.

The healing properties of silver are not new to medicine. However, silver has not been commercialized in the form of wound care products, in part because of the difficulty of manufacturing silver in the form of tissue.

HE was able to identify and develop a patented manufacturing technology that optimally adheres silver to nylon:

FDA Certification Section 510(K) : K013936

Dr. Michel Aubé

CSO Chief Scientific officer

Dr. Michel Aubé has a diversified expertise in Life Sciences. A microbiologist by training, he pursued his graduate studies earning a Master’s of Science degree in Cell and Molecular Biology; followed by a PhD in Physiology-Endocrinology , which was complemented by 3 postdoctoral fellows over a 5 year period in Immunology. Dr. Aubé has received many awards and citations from the Network for Research in Environmental Health.

While he has been published in several prestigious medical journals on subjects including hematopoietic stem cell biology, one of Dr. Aubé’s major achievements was the evaluation of the role played by environmental toxins in the incidence of breast cancer. Dr. Aubé participated in the research and development of a novel experimental therapeutic vaccine against HIV in the laboratory of a world-renowned scientist. Dr. Aubé also described the mechanism of action for a new therapeutic drug that prevents and treats graft versus host diseases.

On a different note, Dr. Aubé has a lot of expertise in communication, management and marketing. He helped to growth the sales nutraceutical products in Canada for an American company. He has also a formation in computer programming and skill in web marketing.

Up until recently Dr. Aubé was CEO and Chief Science Officer of Earth Science Tech Inc., a publicly traded company. He was responsible for coordinating the strategic plan and vision, while guiding employees towards the core objectives.

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